The Power of Scotland

The Times

Thubten speaks to Jean West from The Times about what we can all learn from meditation.

Inverness Courier.png

Loch Ness is the perfect setting

The Inverness Courier

Thubten launches his book ‘A Monk's Guide to Happiness' in Scotland on the banks of Loch Ness.

The Press and Journal.png

On the shores of Loch Ness

The Press and Journal

Thubten wrote his book ‘A Monk's Guide to Happiness' on the shores of Loch Ness because of it’s “mystical atmosphere”.


An interview with Tim Arthur

BBC Radio London

Thubten chats about his new book ‘A Monk's Guide to Happiness' with BBC Radio London’s Tim Arthur.


Interview with Samuel Fishwick

Evening Standard

Thubten tells Samuel Fishwick how he digested 26 years of monastic training into his new book.


A Monk’s Tale

Country and Town House Magazine

Thubten talks about his extraordinary story of self-discovery.


Minding out

The Financial Accountant

Thubten explains the benefits of mindfulness in a business environment.


Dr. Strange

The Mail and Wales online

Thubten talks about his involvement with the Marvel movie Dr. Strange in an article from the Mail on Sunday and at Walesonline

I can’t stress this enough

The Times

Thubten is interviewed for a piece on dealing with stress and the importance of meditation and mindfulness.

Boost confidence the guardian.jpg

Seven ways to boost confidence at a job interview

The Guardian online

Thubten gives advice about boosting confidence at a job interview.

The UN’s Good Growth Conference

As part of the UN’s Good Growth Conference 2019, Thubten was invited to speak at the event, set up to inspire new understandings and foster meaningful global connections. This one of a kind gathering equipped delegates with the network and tools needed to influence the way we produce, finance and demand agricultural commodities.

Meditate with This Morning

Thubten is interviewed on ITV’s This Morning about his life and his new book, and he leads a short meditation.

Talks at Google

As part of the talks@google series, Thubten visited the Google Dublin campus to talk about what brings all humans together, the pursuit of happiness.


How to be thankful

Thubten talks about how to strengthen your ability to develop the powerful practice of gratitude even during times of discomfort and pain.


Inside the New York Stock Exchange

Thubten is interviewed for TV inside the New York Stock Exchange.