SAMTEN the meditation app


Mindfulness in everyday life

Samten is a meditation and mindfulness app delivering easy to follow, traditional and authentic techniques guided by expert monk Gelong Thubten. Meditate for just 5 to 10 minutes a day and start your journey with authentic content that is regularly updated to help you reduce stress, increase compassion, improve focus, increase quality of sleep and become more aware.

Samten is the perfect app for those on the go, developing mindfulness during your morning commute, or at work. We will teach you how to integrate meditation into your daily life in a user-friendly way. 

Make it a part of the family and begin meditating with your children, with the introduction of Samten Junior, which is totally free. 

I love how Samten gives me a deeper understanding of what it’s all about. The Samten Junior feature is brilliant and both my kids love doing it. SOS is also a fantastic feature. The app itself is really easy to navigate. Thank you Samten.
— 5/5 Itunes App Store reviewer
Great app and so user friendly. I’ve only just started using it but can see myself really getting in to it. Focuses my mind and sets goals. Great way to keep on top of my routine. Will definitely recommend this.
— 5/5 Google Play reviewer